Which Type of Chemical Peel is Right for You?

Did you know humans are known to have used chemical peels as early as 3000 BC? Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans created peels with different ingredients like mustard, milks, or wines to develop their own peel treatments.

Today the choice is much easier, and ingredients are much more advanced. If you’ve had a chemical peel before, you may have had to select between a superficial peel, medium-depth peel and a deep peel. Each peel varies in solutions and ingredients, but peels are typically categorized into 3 main types.

chemical peelsWith your skin, it is important to be as gentle enough as possible and only do treatments that are as strong as necessary to tackle your skin problems. Get informed on each type and their effects to find out which is right for you.

Superficial peels, also referred to as “lunchtime peels”, don’t require much downtime as they only exfoliate the top layer of skin. Many superficial peels are safe enough to self-administer at home. Because it is such a mild treatment, this peel must be repeated several times in order to begin to see results. Although they may appear to cost less, they can potentially cost more in the long run since repeated treatments are required to see a noticeable result.

Medium depth peels are popular today because results that can be achieved rather quickly. The treatment is applied by a medical professional and may cause mild discomfort or slight stinging. The peeling process typically lasts a few days. If you’re seeking visible results with one to three treatments over time, a medium depth peel could be your best bet. Medium depth peels tend to tackle common skin issues such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing hyper pigmentation, sun spots and freckles, and controlling acne while improving the appearance of acne scars.

Deep peels can remove damaged skin cells from deeper levels of skin and can dramatically reduce the appearance of skin flaws such as wrinkles and acne scarring. However,  they typically can only be performed once and tend to be much stronger and  more painful. The patient must be prepared for weeks of downtime and often must prep the skin for weeks or months prior to treatment. Deeper peels are normally only used on the face and not on body areas.

We chose to make The Perfect Derma Peel a medium-depth peel because it serves a wide range of people including all ages, all skin types & ethnicities,  and gives patients dramatic, consistent and predictable results. It is designed to used regularly, and the patient can repeat treatments weeks or months apart in order to achieve the desired results.

We also offer THE PERFECT DERMA™ PLUS BOOSTER so medical professionals can customize the strength of the peel to help address more stubborn hyper pigmentation, age spots and melasma, or to successfully treat  thicker, very oily or resilient skin. Our peel and booster are safe for use on most body areas including arms, hands, back, chest and elbows.

Speak to your doctor today to find the best peel for you. To find a medical spa or dermatology practice that carries The Perfect Derma Peel, use our office locator here: Member Locator