A sunscreen that’s good to your skin

Trade your synthetic sunscreen for a mineral sunscreen that protects your skin

With the hottest summer months up ahead, it’s important to keep your skin well protected from harsh rays to avoid sun damage and premature aging. Protecting yourself from the sun is the number one way to prevent sun spots, age spots, and all the signs of aging. But before you reach for your closest drugstore sunscreen, take a moment and consider what makes a good sunscreen. Then, ask yourself, “What if there was a sunscreen that provided adequate protection while improving the appearance of my skin?”

If you’re looking at SPF (Sun Protection Factor) levels alone to make your decision, you may not be making the best choice for your skin. SPF only protects against UVB radiation (rays that burn), so it’s important to look closely and find a product that protects against both UVB and UVA. UVA rays penetrate more deeply and largely contribute to extrinsic aging, and nobody wants that!

Mineral Perfection, a cutting-edge SPF 30 sunscreen seeks to solve these problems in one perfectly formulated product that provides a physical mineral barrier instead of the conventional chemical formula in many synthetic sunscreens. The active ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, in a soothing base of glycerin, organic green tea and jojoba oil. This means less of a chance of irritation, even for sensitive skin types, since the product forms a physical barrier on the skin rather than using chemicals that can cause reactions. This unique formulation does not require preservatives, which can be another contributor to skin irritation.

Our light, non greasy tinted sunscreen also provides a sheer layer of color that goes on perfectly smooth and is formulated to blend well with any skin color (full range of Fitzpatrick skin types). The combined sun protection and tint make it our favorite new skin care essential!

Mineral Perfection is safe for everyday use, post-peel procedures and is gentle enough to be used every day. It’s an excellent choice for sensitive skin and even for rosacea sufferers. Don’t forget to apply it generously to face, neck and chest, or any exposed areas during sun exposure. Mineral Perfection is a skin care multi tasker that offers reliable protection during your outdoor summer activities, and a tint that evens out minor skin imperfections. Be glowing and gorgeous while caring for your face! You can find more product details and a list of ingredients here.

Now make sure to pair your Mineral Perfection with other protective measures such as proper clothing, a hat and moderate sun exposure for a summer that’s good to your skin!