7 Ways You’re Hurting Your Skin

worried young woman checking her wrinkles around her eyesNot washing your face before bed
You would think that this has been hammered into us enough, but we still refuse to wash our skin sometimes after a long day of work. Needless to say, this can provoke breakouts, clogged or enlarged pores. One night might not be the end of the world, but over time, these bad habits can really add up.

Only wearing sunscreen in hot weather
Raise your hand if you’ve ever skipped sunscreen because the weather wasn’t particularly warm that day. Our hand is right up there with you. But those are the old days. Now, we know better than to skip sunscreen before starting our day, all year long. Whether it’s cloudy or sunny, your skin is still exposed to sunlight daily that can cause early aging among other damaging effects. In case we need to say it again: Don’t skip sunscreen whether its summer, spring, fall, or yes- even winter!

Not getting enough sleep
Not sleeping enough can spike up stress hormone levels that can cause inflammation in the skin, such as puffy eyes and tired looking skin. Your body also requires plenty of deep phase sleep to deliver much needed water to your skin to keep it looking young and fresh. Getting the right amount of rest and committing to your beauty sleep will show in your skin!

Using harsh products
Sure, your face will immediately feel cleaner after an extra soapy session, but adding these to your daily regimen may set you up for a skin disaster. Over using harsh cleansers or over scrubbing can cause your skin to dry out and even itch or flake. And worse- it can cause your oil glands to work overtime, producing extra oil in response to the dryness. If you’re due for an extra cleansing session or are preparing for a special event, spread out any strong high strength treatments or consult with your dermatologist to explore the best solutions for your skin type.

Sleeping on Dirty Pillows
Maybe you wash your face before bed, but what about before laying on your bed? If you’re guilty of ever having taken a midday nap on a Sunday afternoon without washing off your makeup first, make sure to toss your pillows and sheets into your laundry bin right away. Bacteria, oils and makeup can accumulate and rub off on your freshly washed skin at night, countering any efforts you take to keep your skin clean throughout the day.

Sleeping in loose hair
Keep those strands away from your face during the night to keep it from creating a blanket for your face oils while you sleep. If you’re used to sleeping with your hair down and tend to break out around the hairline, this could be why.

Not drinking enough water
We know, we know. We’re stating the obvious when we say water keeps your skin hydrated. But if you’re not already drinking enough water for health reasons, do it for your skin! H2O helps keep your skin looking plump, which can help reduce the appearance of flaws, such as noticeable pores.

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